Life in Discipleship: with Amy Atkinson

Over the next several weeks, we will be posting a new blog series featuring student ruminations on their experiences of “Life in Discipleship” here with UMin. The fall is going to be an important time for new folks to get involved in mentoring discipleship relationships. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity for real and deep growth during your time in college.

This post comes to us from Amy Atkinson, a junior at UAB.

At first, I did not actually sign up for the discipleship group.  Instead, I was asked by my roommate at the time if I could give her a ride to where they were meeting that night. I happened to stay for their D-group meeting and by the end of the night, I knew that God was telling me to be a part of this group of women. As Christians, God calls us to fellowship and community with fellow believers. It’s not just going to big church, Sunday school, and Wednesday night worship. It is being a part of a close knit group of people and growing in holiness towards Christ with them. Discipleship group has helped me get to know some amazing Samford girls, our group helps bridge the gaps between UAB and Samford students. We started in February and now it is already July, it is truly amazing to look back and see how far our group has come since then.

When I hear the word Discipleship I think of a group of people who are not perfect, but love one another for it.  Together, we work to grow closer to Christ and to fight the battle that sin wages against each one of us every day. I have formed relationships with these girls and them with me. This includes our fabulous d-group leaders, who have poured so much into us, and I think we have poured into them in some ways as well. I have come to look up to my Discipleship leaders as I look to the way they follow Christ. We all understand that we are flawed as humans and problems come up in our life (as we call them, “onions”). Being a part of a discipleship group encourages me that I am not alone and that there are women who have the same battles against sin as I do.


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