Fall Sunday School Preview

We are super excited over here at UMin about our fall Sunday School plan.  Starting August 26, we are returning to our learning environments format where you get to choose which class you want to participate in this semester.  Here are some previews of the four classes we will be offering:

“Freshman 101” with Rachael Milner and Jason Spires

So you’re a freshman, right? You’re about to make a LOT of decisions in college, some good… some bad (hopefully less of these). We want to walk through Scripture and learn what wisdom looks like as a freshman in college. We will talk about friends, dating, serving, church, and everything in between. Join us on Sundays to have fun and fellowship together, to study wise words from the Bible and to avoid gaining the freshman 15. Just kidding on that last part.

“The Journey” with Jason & Aren Williams and Amy & Adam Oliver

For the past year, the whole Shades family has begun a journey through the Biblical story, starting in Genesis and heading toward Revelation.  This semester, we will be taking a romp through the Old Testament prophets.  What was Isaiah talking about?  What was God really doing through folks like Micah and Amos?  What does their word have to say for us now?  This class would be especially good for d-group leaders in preparation for your Sunday night meeting with your youth students.

“Finding God’s Will” with Matt Kerlin and Ryan Colley

What is “God’s will”?  How can I know God’s will?  Who should I date and marry?  What should I major in and what career should I pursue?  And what if we’ve been trained to think about all of these questions in the wrong ways?  Our class will examine these issues in an effort to understand better what it means to live according to “God’s will.”

“Spiritual Disciplines” with the Chuck & Emily Hooten

Sometimes we approach Spiritual disciplines with an attitude of, “I need to do these things, so that God likes me more…” or “I feel bad/guilty, I better do these things to make myself feel better.”  This kind of attitude leads to death.  But together this semester, we want to explore the true richness of life in Christ to be found in Spiritual discipline.  A man once found a treasure in a field, and because of the value of that treasure, he sacrificed everything to obtain it.


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