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UMIN Worship & Study: Fall 2013

UMIN Worship & Study: Fall 2013 from Shades UMIN on Vimeo.


Pancake Kick-off: August 28, 9pm to midnight

Fall Retreat: September 28-29

We are hosting our first ever Fall Retreat this September 28-29!  We are looking forward to a great time of fellowship and worship together down in Columbiana at the Alabama 4H Center.  The cost is $40, and that includes dinner, breakfast, and lunch, lodging, and transport.  Invite your friends, it’s going to be incredible!  Click here to sign up.

Discipleship Groups: Fall 2012


Click here to complete our online discipleship group interest form – it’s not too early to let us know that you’re interest in being a part of a group this fall!

We’re here!

It’s 7:35am here in Cape Town and we’re getting up and going this morning!  We arrived on time last night and got some good sleep.

We’ll start off with a tour of each of the Living Hope ministries, have lunch with the Life Skills Educators in Capricorn and then come back to the Team House for some orientation with Melanie.

I was reminded this morning, when I woke up and heard the waves crashing outside, of the strength of the Lord.  Psalm 93:4 says, “Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the LORD on high is mighty!”  Praying for His strength to be seen in and through our little tribe over here this week.